Welcome to Yoga with Nicole at Shakti Yoga and Massage!

CHANGES COMING JUNE 1st!!! See below…

In these classes you will be guided into the highest alignment for your body, and in turn, all of the more subtle energies within you can begin to align as well, revealing your highest self. When our bodies are healthy, open, and strong it enhances our experience of life! And when the subtle energy in the body is able to flow and be channeled in a positive way, it can move mountains within us and even outside of us! Yoga with Nicole comes with a sense of playfulness, that is supported by clear, outlined principles of alignment and a heart-centered approach to living. Yoga postures will often be dynamic, as we create movement within them.

We also greatly value community, and celebrate each other in every class through support, kindness, and collaboration. The environment of the class is very inclusive and social…you will make new friends here :) It is a place where people believe in each other! Yoga with Nicole is not just a class, it is an experience- an experience with the goal of increasing Joy in your heart and your life!

Yoga with Nicole is a place to make your body strong, your spirit full, and let your heart dance!


Shakti Yoga and Massage is EVOLVING!

Leah (Massage) and Nicole (Yoga) have had a transformative year building Shakti Yoga and Massage. This has been an exciting and insightful journey and we have each further realized our dreams for ourselves and for the community we serve. As a result of this,  we have decided to redefine ourselves as two entirely new and separate businesses. Beginning officially on June 1st, 2014, this 211 S. 4th Ave. location will become Live Well Fitness and Massage and be run independently by Leah. Nicole and her  teachers will be moving to a new location, 440 S Main St (approx. at Main and Williams) to launch a new studio, called Align Yoga!

The services we each currently offer will not stop at any point during this transition.  We have created a plan so that things occur clearly and smoothly for you all. We are both very excited about this new change and the new journey it will bring for each of us and all of you!

We will continue to keep you posted on any info you might need as we transition into this new beginning! We appreciate you all so much and what you have contributed to this past year here at Shakti! Thank you being a part of our community and we look forward to sharing these new beginnings with you as well!



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